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DeepCool AK620 evaluation: more affordable and excellent

DeepCool has been offering some impressive and interesting cooling solutions lately, and the company’s latest heat pipe air cooler seems to continue this trend. It is equipped with a pair of 120mm fans and six heat pipes, extending into the beautifully designed standard twin-tower layout, pleasingly without RGB, making the radiator’s eye-catching aesthetics unique.

The price of the AK620 is $69.99, which is also lower than some of its biggest competitors in terms of price and performance comparison, and adheres to a simple design concept, including satin black fans, beautiful thermal stack top parts and nickel-plated cooling towers. If the $100 premium radiator is a bit beyond your budget, then this cooler is a must.


high 6.38 inches/162.1 mm
width 5.1 inches/130 mm
depth 4.25 inches/108 mm (5.38 inches/136.7 mm, with fan)
Base height 2.25 inches/57.2 mm
Assembly.offset 0.0 centered (1.1″ / 27.9mm front, with fan)
cooling fan (2) 120 x 25 mm
Connector (2) 4-pin PWM
weight 41.9 oz/1188 g
Intel slot 115x, 1200, 2011, 2066
AMD socket FM2 (+), FM1, AM2 (+), AM3 (+), AM4
Warranty 1 year
Internet price 70 USD

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

DeepCool equips the AK620 with a minimal set of shiny nickel-plated hardware, but ultimately supports a variety of AMD and Intel desktop CPU sockets. The box also includes an Intel back plate for 115x/1200 sockets, a screwdriver, a PWM dispenser, and a small syringe of unnamed DeepCool thermal compound.

DeepCool provides a warranty period of at least 1 year for the AK620. But the DeepCool website does not seem to update the new cooler listed in its warranty coverage list, which lists other flagship air coolers, and Assassin III and AS500 list a warranty period of up to 3 years. It makes sense that the AK620 may also be combined with these models, because it seems to represent another product in the brand’s premium heat pipe series. We have contacted DeepCool for clarification and will update this section when we learn more.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

The AK620 has six nickel-plated copper heat pipes, which extend from the base of the cooler up to two towers in a double-fin stack configuration. The heat pipe separation between the left and right towers allows optimal heat dissipation to the heat sink.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

AK620 has a pair of decorative covers on each cooling tower, and each corner has a simplified DeepCool logo on a pixel-like background.

The heat sink of AK620 is also cut and contoured on each outer surface, providing a physical pattern and adding to the modern industrial design of the cooler.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

The box contains a pair of 120mm FK120 PWM fans, and the rated speed of DeepCool is as high as 1850RPM. They are fixed to the side of the radiator using spring tension clips. Each fan is equipped with a rubber fan mounting pad to help isolate noise. As we mentioned earlier, the cooler does not have RGB/aRGB lighting.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

The six nickel-plated pipes of the AK620 cooler are merged between the fixed mounting plate and the cooler cold plate. The mounting hardware has fixed spring tension screws, and the cooler is fixed on the socket mounting beam.

The AK620 allows the use of higher memory DIMMs, thanks to its notched shape, when the heat pipe extends to the cooling tower, the fins become smaller and then wider. This makes the AK620 have good compatibility with most memory settings. This also adds to the interesting overall appearance of the cooler.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

The base of the AK620 is very flat; we cannot find any light spots under our steel ruler and the nickel-plated cold plate of the cooler.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

Similar to most heat pipe coolers, DeepCool AK620 uses brackets and cross-mounting beams to provide a safe base for a pair of spring tension screws of the cooler to hold it firmly in place.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

After fixing the cooler, a pair of FK120 PWM fans can be fixed in place and adjusted according to the needs of the memory gap. From the side profile, you can easily see the notch cuts for the height gap between the front and rear memory of the cooling tower, especially after the cooler is installed and the fan is positioned with reference to the installed system memory module.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

Once the cooler is properly tensioned, the milled base allows consistent thermal compound diffusion.

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