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Delivery time for semiconductor chips extended to a record 20 weeks


According to a recent report, the semiconductor shortage continues to worsen Bloomberg Report, Delivery time, that is, the time it takes for customers (such as OEM or chip designers (such as AMD or Nvidia)) to receive the chip. For more advanced semiconductors, it has been extended to 20.2 weeks. For more advanced semiconductors, It was extended to 26.5 weeks. Microcontroller and logic chip. According to Susquehanna Financial Group, a company that studies semiconductor shortages, this is the longest wait time the company has recorded since it started tracking data in 2017.

This actually means that the chip shortage is getting worse overall, even though Reduce GPU scalper prices And the good CPU stock we are experiencing now. If delivery time continues to deteriorate, we may see more CPU and GPU price increases in the future, because demand will increase as the holiday approaches this year.


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