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DRAM manufacturers expect price corrections by the end of 2021

In the third quarter performance report of Taiwan Nanya Technology Corporation last Friday, President Dr. Peiying Li said that he expects DRAM prices to be lowered before the end of the year to compensate for the recent global increase in DRAM prices. This stems from the current market and supply chain conditions, which may actually lead to a decline in such expectations.

Although the demand for major DRAM consumer products (such as general consumer electronics, servers and smartphones) remains strong, “we expect the DRAM market [to] Entering a short-term minor correction in the fourth quarter of 21,” Lee concluded. However, due to the high ASP (average selling price) of its products, the company may be in a particularly vulnerable position. Focusing on specialty DRAM. The company provides DRAM chips. Of common products-such as office and business and smart phones; however, its other focus, namely cars, homes and entertainment (set-top boxes, Internet of Things and others) and enterprises (for networks and infrastructure) have already faced Continuous supply issuesThis may have led to these remarks by the South Asian president.

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