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DRAM price increase may be lower than originally expected


TrendForce said today that it expects quarter-on-quarter Dynamic random access memory Because manufacturers’ inventories were above average, prices rose to the same level in the third quarter of 21. That’s because they stored as much memory as possible in the first half of the year.

The research firm said, ā€œDue to the increased purchases of electronic components in 1H21, DRAM buyers now hold relatively high DRAM inventories.ā€ It still expects each market segment (PC, server, mobile, graphics, and consumer) in the third quarter. ) Prices will rise, but not that much As they did in the first two quarters.

In some cases, this means that TrendForce expects a single-digit price increase in the third quarter of 2021, rather than the double-digit price increase in the early second quarter of 2021. The only exception is the mobile DRAM market, the company said, due to tighter supply, the price increase in this market may be higher than the previous quarter.

(Image source: TrendForce)

Of course, the increase is still an increase, and Higher memory prices Will continue to make the cost of upgrading the system for enthusiasts higher than expected. (Assuming they can even find a reasonable price CPU, Graphics processor, And some kind of Store The rest is built. ) But at least prices are beginning to stabilize.


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