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Due to power regulations, Dell cannot ship Alienware PCs to certain states in the United States


Sometimes the struggle for energy efficiency and low power consumption takes quite ugly forms. Compared with small systems, high-performance desktop gaming PCs obviously consume a lot of power and are relatively energy-efficient.That’s why Dell can no longer ship some Alienware Game desktop to California, Colorado and some other states. Although there are many problems.

(Image source: Dell)

Dell’s high performance Aurora R10 and Aurora R12 Desktops (based on Intel and AMD) “cannot be shipped to California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, or Washington due to power consumption regulations in these states,” the notice on the company’s website reads.Dell was unable to ship such systems to California because the California Energy Commission (CEC) adopted more stringent electrical energy principles and established mandatory performance and efficiency standards for PCs from July 1st. Register Report.


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