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Due to the shortage of copper foil, motherboard and GPU pricing are under pressure


The prices of copper and copper clad laminates (CCL) used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCB) are soaring and then used in almost all types of electronic devices. According to reports, Digital ageDue to the shortage of copper foil, the manufacturing costs of PC motherboards and graphics cards are rising, but the only question now is how much the manufacturer will pass on to the end user. According to some of our quick calculations, the impact of copper foil shortage may be most obvious in low-end equipment, and the more expensive high-end products may have less impact due to their high prices.

Rising cost

Due to the huge demand for electronic products, it is no secret that chip manufacturers cannot produce enough semiconductors. This is the reason for the high price of chips. But in addition to actual chips, various electronic products use PCBs made of glass fiber and copper foil.

The price of copper rose from USD 7,755 per ton in December 2020 to 9,262 USD Today (September 28, 2021) per ton. Due to rising prices of copper and energy carriers, the cost of copper foil has soared by 35% since the fourth quarter of 2020. As you might expect, the price of copper clad laminate (CCL), a basic component used to make PCBs, has risen due to the costs associated with copper foil and energy prices. The trickle-down effect continues, and now PCB quotations are also rising.

(Image source: PCBgogo)

This will affect the cost and possible prices of various electronic products, but PCs, motherboards and graphics cards will bear greater pricing pressure than other components because they tend to use large PCBs with a higher number of layers.


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