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Eben Upton for Raspberry Pi: Demand increases despite shortage


Eben Upton, a Welsh-born businessman and raspberry pie Inventor, there are some options to say in the interview Register, Released today. In it, he described the current semiconductor supply situation as “hand-to-hand combat” and “unlikely to end before 2023.” However, the good news is that Pi’s business has performed very well due to increased demand.

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Upton appeared in techy’s hardware: Pi Cast Last month, as potential Pi buyers began to notice a shortage of dealers’ inventory, especially for those models that are popular with industrial customers, such as Pai Zero with Pi 4 2GB. The company ships units at a rate of up to 800,000 units per month, putting pressure on its pipelines. We checked the Raspberry Pi 4 inventory of Pimoroni, a British distributor, and noticed that only the 8GB model is in stock, but each customer is limited to five. We also checked Pi Hut, its 2GB model is sold out, but it shows the stock of 4GB and 8GB models. Finally, we went to Premier Farnell’s CPC, which has more than 5000 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 in stock, but the 4GB model is out of stock. Curiously, CPC shows that the inventory of 2GB, 16GB eMMC and Wi-Fi Raspberry Pi computing module 4 will not be available until February 12, 2022. Other variants are in stock, or the delivery time is much shorter.


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