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EEC listing points to six upcoming Gigabyte 8GB RX 6600XT


Gigabyte listed six new RX 6600 XT cards on the Eurasian Economic Commission, each with 8GB of video memory.​​ websiteThrough KOMACHI_ENSAKA On Twitter. Now this is all the information we have, so please keep it a bit.

(Image source: Gigabyte)

There are six Gigabyte brand cards in this notice, including Gaming, Gaming Pro and Eagle sub-brands, as well as their OC versions.They are mid-range RDNA 2 cards, probably based on AMD’s Navi 23 chip, and Radeon Pro W6600. 8GB of RAM is Exactly as expected, But there is no new information about clock speed, number of processors, number of fans, or ray tracing capabilities.


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