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EKWB Reveals Second-Generation Thermoelectric Water Block

As noted by TechPowerUp, EK has released its second-generation QuantumX Delta TEC cooling water block, designed to work in conjunction with Intel’s Cryo Cooling Technology. The new block is called the QuantumX Delta TEC EVO and brings improvements over the original QuantumX delta block, giving sub-ambient CPU coolers more cooling power and efficiency.

Intel’s Cry Cooling Technology was released last year in an effort to bring Comet Lake-S CPUs down to sub-ambient temperatures to increase performance. These coolers use Thermoelectric technology combined with liquid cooling to achieve these low temperatures.

(Image credit: EKWB)

The new QuantumX Delta TEC EVO improves upon the previous design with a new, more powerful TEC plate, allowing for over 50W of additional cooling power. This new TEC plate is also soldered to the bottom of the water block, improving contact and heat dissipation.

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