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Ethereum price cuts make GDDR SGRAM cheaper: will graphics cards also drop in price?

Ethereum mining Although volatility may still change the situation, the profits in the past few months have not been high. The fall in the price of ETH not only affected the profitability of miners, but also affected the spot prices of GDDR5 and GDDR6 video memory.Cheaper SGRAM in the spot market may affect the contract price of graphics memory, although we expect the retail price of graphics cards (especially Best graphics card Due to the drop in GDDR spot prices, used for demanding games) will be reduced in the coming months.

As regulators in countries such as China and Turkey took measures to avoid speculation in cryptocurrency and illegal/semi-legal mining, the price of ETH dropped by more than 50% in two months. It is estimated that in the first quarter of 2021, approximately 700,000 graphics cards were sold to miners. Jon Pedy Research, And many of these graphics cards are made using GDDR6 memory sold on the spot market. As miners’ demand for motherboards declines, this has led to a drop in the spot price of memory, but there is a problem: the memory used by most graphics cards is provided under contract and the price is reasonable.

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