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Discover Interesting Things Around Computer External Memory

The computer is a necessary device for each of us. However, not everyone knows the relevant parts. Let’s explore interesting things around the computer’s external memory below.

What is the function of the computer’s external memory?

External memory and its functions

External memory, also known as mass memory or external hard drive, is usually located in a separate storage device such as a solid-state drive, CD/DVD disc. You can completely use it for another computer because it is removable. → The data storage method is different from the internal memory.

These devices can be directly attached to the computer system. The functions of the computer’s external memory include:

  • Data saving
  • Large information storage (can be inserted into another computer)
  • Sharing the “burden” helps internal memory

In terms of reading, writing, and data processing speeds, external memory cannot be compared with internal memory.

Compare external storage with internal memory

Here are a few key differences between external and internal storage:

Internal memoryExternal memory
AppearanceComes in the form of a chip or a RAM stick attached to the motherboard MainLike a storage device, drive, disk and can connect to many other computers
ConnectInternal connection by inserting chip, inserting into the slot on the Mainboard MainVia data cable or external to network
Storage characteristicsTemporarily saved dataData is permanently saved for a long time

When using some Web browsers such as Chrome, coccoc, or playing heavy games, performing Excel-related tasks, needing to remember immediate data you will need RAM.

To store heavy games, graphical applications, operating systems, various software or to launch programs you need mass memory. They not only perform the task of storing data but also help the machine load and run smoother.

What does external memory include?

The computer’s external memory includes many hard devices such as hard drives, CD/DVD, USB. They perform the function of storing information and data. Because they are removable, these devices can be used in many different computers. You can completely swap for different computers.

Among the above devices, the hard drive is the more common, more important device in gaming PCs or PCs used for design and video editing.

Is it necessary to invest in external memory?

This is an absolute necessity. For CD / DVD or USB you should use it in case you want to back up programs and data and want to exchange them with other computers.

For computer hard drives, you should invest in a high-quality, high-capacity one if you want to play games, do stable graphics-related tasks. In addition to storage, the device also makes your computer smoother.

What type of hard drive should I choose?

There are two types of hard drives on the market today, HDD and SSD. In terms of stable performance, write and read speed, SSD dominates HDD, but the price of SSD is higher than him.

You need high speed data processing, work in the field of graphics, engineers … then choose an SSD.

You need a drive to download a large amount of data, computer use common … then choose HDD.

For those who want to save money, they can also start from HDD first and then buy more SSD.

Above are interesting things about the computer’s external memory. We hope our article has provided you with a lot of information.

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