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Fake chips surged in the Chinese market and spread overseas: report

According to reports, fake chips have recently flooded the Chinese market, the world’s largest manufacturing center. Epoch TimesTherefore, as China exports finished products, these fake chips may enter other markets, so actual products containing substandard chips may be widely used.

Chip shortage brings new risks

The global chip shortage has increased the prices of components and electronic products, but another negative impact that may be brought about by tight supply is the proliferation of counterfeit chips. These products will not only destroy the user experience, but also bring security risks. Counterfeit parts may actually be effective and may even reach the correct level of performance. However, depending on how a particular part is manufactured, it may malfunction after a period of use or under certain conditions.

For small companies that do not have the ability to test all finished products, obtaining a batch of recycled or defective chips is a huge problem. But at least they can recall batches that may fail, especially batches for industries such as automobiles or healthcare.The report states that if distributors mix good parts with recycled/defective parts and sell them in bulk, real problems will arise Epoch TimesIn addition, potentially imperfect chips are sold at the same price as premium chips, which makes them more difficult to detect. In many cases, no one will know that certain devices may be damaged before they fail.

In the context of global chip shortages, the problem of counterfeit chips and potentially malfunctioning components is getting worse because manufacturers cannot allocate sufficient semiconductor production capacity, nor have sufficient packaging and testing capabilities.

Counterfeiters constantly monitor the market and understand which products are in short supply. When the earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan in 2011, the local electrolytic capacitor supply chain was interrupted. As a result, manufacturers of motherboards and other parts had to start buying capacitors from third parties. Soon, fake capacitors entered the market, China-Germany Reported last month.

Counterfeit report database, such as You were before Help manufacturers identify counterfeit components. As of last month, experts such as Diganta Das of ERAI have not noticed a surge in the number of counterfeit component cases in the United States, but because they are widely used in China, some of these chips will inevitably enter other markets. Worse, some of them will Now prepare for a product that will fail at some point.

Fake chips, old problems

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