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Fenix ​​Linux plays YouTube in full screen on Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 is an excellent small computer, but even its loyal fans have to admit that it is not good at streaming full-screen video from YouTube.have Some things you can do To improve its performance, but Fenix ​​Pi Mk1 plasma, A lightweight Linux distribution based on the Raspberry Pi operating system and running KDE, designed to fix it permanently.

The Spanish creators behind Fenix ​​are so fascinated by Linux that when you visit the site, Chrome’s mouse pointer will turn into a little penguin.As seen in the video leepspvideo Embedded on it, it can play full-screen 1080p videos from YouTube with almost no frame loss on 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 That hasn’t been overclocked yet. Watching the video, we can see that Fenix ​​Pi is based on Raspberry Pi OS, which means that installing software and using GPIO, camera, etc. should be a piece of cake, or Pi? The operating system can also be installed to a USB SSD/flash drive, making it a good general-purpose Pi distribution.

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