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Gainward & Galax lists GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards with GA104 GPU

Last week, we reported a discovery Nvidia uses its streamlined GA104 graphics processing unit (GPU) for GeForce RTX 3060 It should be a graphics card based on GA106 GPU. The “new” board has the same performance characteristics and power consumption as the “old” board. This week, two graphics card vendors — Gainward and Galax — listed suitable products, indicating that this GA104-based GeForce RTX 3060 motherboard will be available soon.

Only in China.Currently

At present, Gengsheng and Galax only market GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards based on GA104-150 in China, so this version of the product may eventually become another exclusive product in the country.At the same time, before Nvidia GeForce RTX 1650 And in At least one GeForce RTX 2060 Model number, so it’s not surprising if Nvidia decides to use GA104-150 for GeForce RTX 3060 motherboards sold in other parts of the world.

(Image source: Genghua)

Only when the chip is not enough to power the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti/3070/3070 Ti graphics card, it makes sense to use the reduced GA104 GPU instead of the GA106 for the GeForce RTX 3060, because it has too many flaws. GA104 is a fairly large 392 mm² chip, containing 17.4 billion transistors and up to 6144 CUDA cores, and the manufacturing cost is quite high. In contrast, GA106 is much cheaper. It has an area of ​​276 mm², integrates 13.25 billion transistors and up to 3584 CUDA cores.

Usually, chip developers like AMD and Nvidia will try to sell defective bulk chips through OEMs and/or specific suppliers in specific markets (but they can still work perfectly with some non-functional units disabled) because It is not easy to support a large number of SKUs all over the world.

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