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Galax allegedly used Gamer RGB DDR5-4800 memory modules to make Lego crazy

When you think of Lego, you don’t usually think of PC components first. However, Galaxy According to reports, Lego’s brain is equipped with a new Gamer RGB DDR5 memory module, which is said to be launched in time for Intel’s Alder Lake platform. PreviewBut we must have reservations about this news, because we cannot get any official confirmation of these modules on the Galax website.

Although unconfirmed, it seems that the Gamer RGB DDR5 module designed by this Chinese PC peripheral manufacturer integrates an ARGB light strip on the top of the radiator. The light strip adopts the shape of traditional Lego system bricks (1×18), which is an interesting touch. Integrated bricks allow you to add your own Lego bricks at the top of the module to bring some talents to your game equipment. However, it is best to use transparent or translucent Lego bricks to take full advantage of ARGB lighting.

Once you overcome the decoration provided by Lego Connect, it is reported that these modules will run at basic DDR5-4800 speeds and will be available in 16GB (2x8GB), 32GB (2x16GB) and 64GB (2x32GB) kits. In addition, these kits will be available in red or blue with a player logo printed in the middle.

(Image source: Expreview)

However, we must note that this information only comes from Expreview, and there is no mention of the new DDR5 module on the Galax website. We also cannot independently verify the authenticity of these Gamer RGB DDR5 modules. But this is not an unprecedented move by Galax. In 2020, peripheral manufacturers release GeForce RTX 3090 gamer A graphics card with two (2×6) stud sections to add your own Lego bricks.

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