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Gigabyte leak reveals Zen 3 Threadripper CPU code-named “Chagall”


It’s been almost two years since AMD’s current version was released Ryzen Thread Ripper The CPU gave AMD plenty of time to prepare its successor. Now, at least according to Gigabyte’s leaked details about the hacking of the new Zen 3’Chagall’ Ryzen Threadripper 5000 series chips, it seems that there is a successor on the way.As from Computer base, These CPUs will reach the maximum with the same 64 cores and 280W as the Ryzen 3000 Threadripper, but have a significantly faster Zen 3 architecture, which is a well-known formula Best CPU in the market.

According to the information leaked by Gigabyte, AMD seems to be preparing two lineups for Zen 3 Threadripper. One will focus on the HEDT market, while the second will target workstation users (called Threadripper Pro) with more memory channels. The HEDT chip will run on the TRX40 platform, while the workstation model will run on the WRX80 socket.

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(Image source: Wccftech)
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Zen 3 Ryzen Threadripper thermal specifications.

(Image source: Wccftech)


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