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Gigabyte’s 170 Hz QHD gaming monitor drops below $300-thanks to the $70 discount

We are big fans GIGABYTE M27Q 27-inch QHD gaming monitor -It incorporates fast refreshing and rich colors in a stylish design. In fact, we gave it an impressive 4-star rating, but nothing can make a good monitor better than a price cut!

On Amazon, you can receive GIGABYTE M27Q for $289.99, This is a strong $70 discount.

GIGABYTE M27Q 27-inch gaming monitor: Original price was $359.99, now Amazon is $289.99
This 27-inch gaming monitor has QHD resolution and 170Hz smooth refresh rate, adaptive synchronization for smooth variable refresh rate gaming, wide DCI-P3 color gamut, low input latency and HDR.View transaction

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