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GPU Pricing Index: Tracking graphics cards sold on eBay


Our GPU pricing index tracks all Best graphics card And our newest member GPU benchmark Hierarchy. We are (manually) crawling eBay’s historical data to get detailed information about the types of prices people pay for GPUs.With falling Ethereum mining Profitability and China’s repression In terms of large-scale mining operations, the downward trend that began last month has accelerated. Yes, GPU prices on eBay are still severely overvalued, but the overall price has dropped by more than 15% in the past month.

This is good news. The bad news is that the actual GPU availability (in terms of the number of units sold) has also declined for many graphics cards. However, it is almost certain that there is a link between the price and the units sold on eBay. If the potential benefits of doing so are not particularly large, people with GPUs are unlikely to flip it. Since most retail stores charge far higher than the “official” suggested retail price, this also erodes profit margins. After eBay takes away 14% of its meat, anyone who wants to make a reasonable profit may need to sell a card at a price 30% or more higher than its initial purchase price. If the buyer is unwilling to pay, the card will success. Sell.

We update this article every two weeks (or at least try to update it twice a month) to check the latest pricing trends.We now only focus on the latest generation of graphics cards, which means NVIDIA Ampere with AMD navigationWe checked eBay’s sold auctions, filtered junk data and limited the results to actual real GPUs (as much as possible). Some spam lists may be missed, but we mainly focus on the overall trend. The following is the situation in late June 2021 and the first week of July. (We insist on a two-week period so that the comparison of prices and sales units is equal, but it is undeniable that there may be some deviations on July 4th.)

The price is still much higher than the price we recommend to pay, but a 15% drop in most of the current generation GPU stack prices is some welcome news.This Tencent 3080 It fell below $1,700 for the first time since the end of 2020 RTX 3060 12GB with RX 6700 XT Nearly 750 dollars. Of course, these are theoretically US$330 and US$480 parts, but we are at least getting closer to reasonable prices.

The data on the latest RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti cards are not as useful as other cards because they were released during the last update. Despite this, the number of sales has not moved in the right direction (upward). In early June, we counted nearly 4,483 Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs sold on eBay. At the same time, the total sales of 30 series cards at the end of June and early July was only 3,726.As the Ti model enters full-scale production, the sales unit should It has risen, although as mentioned above, the price cut means that people are unlikely to try to swipe their cards on eBay.

AMD’s data tells a similar story. In early June, 658 RX 6000 series GPUs were sold on eBay, while the total number in late June and early July was 536. Sales of RX 6900 XT and RX 6800 were relatively flat, but sales of RX 6700 XT dropped by 10%, while sales of RX 6800 XT dropped by 63%. However, the bigger story is that prices have fallen.

Last month, the average markup for the 11 latest generation GPUs was 2.3 times. Now, the average markup has dropped to 2.0 times, and the selling price of many cards is now “only” 60% higher than their suggested retail price. If you see it as a sign of reasonable pricing, RTX 3080 Titanium, RX 6900 XT, with RX 6700 XT These are the three cards closest to the suggested retail price. This is partly because two of them were overpriced at first, but when looking at eBay prices, the RX 6700 XT easily became the most cost-effective product.This Tencent 3090, RTX 3070 Titanium, with RX 6800 It is now also below the 2.0x mark.

How long does it take to reduce the price of graphics cards to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price? Depending on the GPU, a three to five month price drop like this will allow us to reach our goal, although we suspect that the rate of decline will start to slow as we approach the suggested retail price. Since component shortages still plague most of the technology industry, we will not see “normal” pricing until 2022 at the most. Some people even suggest that we fully recover from the impact of the Covid pandemic in 2023. By then, we should have Nvidia’s next-generation Lovelace and AMD’s RDNA3 components.

For this update, Nvidia’s sales on eBay surpassed AMD by a ratio of 7.0 to 1, indicating that Nvidia has more graphics cards available. But the price reduction means the total dollar value of GPUs purchased from eBay (ampere Compared RDNA2) Favored Nvidia at a ratio of 9.3 to 1, slightly lower than last month. RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3060 are still Nvidia’s best-selling products, while AMD’s RX 6700 XT now only accounts for less than half of the RX 6000 series card sales.

Weekly summary: walking down the escalator

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You know the old saying: rise must fall. We know that GPU prices will eventually fall, and some gratifying progress has been made in this area in the past month. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go, and the price of GPUs on eBay is not exactly the same as buying new GPUs from Amazon, B&H, Newegg or other retail stores.A quick search of these sites shows that all fairly fast graphics cards are still out of stock, and taking into account my frequency No Selected New Egg Shuffle, Supply is still a major issue.

Assuming the current trend continues, we may actually see some reasonably priced graphics card stocks before the end of the year. Maybe-all that is needed is another volatility in the price of crypto, and we may eventually get back to square one. Predicting where Bitcoin and Ethereum will go next is like guessing the direction in which a rubber ball will bounce on an uneven surface.

In short, we continue to advise potential GPU buyers to be patient.The closure of all mines in China may result in Heavily used GPU Impact the market. Although we generally advise against buying GPUs that may have been used for 24/7 mining, if the price is right and you know the risks (ie, you are willing to remove the card to install a new thermal pad and heat sink), it may be worth considering . Be sure to purchase through a store that allows returns and refunds.

We will come back in a few weeks to see if the current trend will continue. At the same time, turn to the next page to view historical charts and data.


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