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Have you purchased a WD SMR hard drive?Submit your cash claim before November 27

In a proposed settlement of a lawsuit filed against Western Digital’s use of technology that may slow down drives, the company will set up a compensation fund totaling US$2.7 million. Claimants must submit their applications before November 27.

In June of this year, Western Digital agreed to settle a lawsuit over the use of shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technology in some of its hard drives, which may reduce drive performance, but did not disclose. Now, JDN Legal Administration, one of the representatives of the plaintiff in the class action, provides detailed information on how to obtain compensation.

Potential plaintiffs can Website established for settlementThe payment to the claimant will depend on the size of the HDD they purchased and the quantity they purchased. Users who purchase 2TB or 3TB WD Red NAS hard drives can get US$4.00 each, while those who purchase 4TB or 6TB WD Red hard drives can get US$7.00 each. These values ​​can be adjusted proportionally based on the number of claims submitted, up to 85% of the value of each drive. The specific hard disk models are: WD20EFAX (2TB capacity), WD30EFAX (3TB capacity), WD40EFAX (4TB capacity), WD60EFAX (6TB capacity) hard drives.

litigation, Malone et al. v. Western Digital Corporation, Claiming that Western Digital did not list the use of SMR anywhere in its specifications, thereby distorting the performance of the drive. According to the settlement agreement, Western Digital will mention the use of SMR on WD Red NAS drives “not less than 4 years after the final approval of the settlement”.

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