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High-demand jobs in India: jobs that will be in high demand in the next year or two


The following are the fields position May gain traction in the next 1-2 years, as well as these required skills.thank you very much blockade, More and more companies and companies are going online.An increase in cybercrime is expected, including phishing, hacking and malicious softwareTherefore, cyber security experts are needed.This Claim It’s unlikely to fade anytime soon.

The smallest. Qualification: Bachelor of Computer Science; BE/BTech in IT/Network Security

Average annual salary (entry level): A data scientist of Rs 4-50 lakh is responsible for collecting and analyzing large amounts of data. As companies increasingly rely on data-driven insights to grow, so does the demand for data scientists. However, the supply of such experts is still very low. Therefore, please look forward to the rapid growth in demand for these jobs in the coming years.

The smallest. Qualification: Bachelor of IT, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Engineering

Average annual salary (entry level): 5-60 lakh rupees

It involves the provision of IT services on the Internet on demand. As Covid sees several companies shift their operations to cloud infrastructure, the demand for cloud architects, cloud software engineers, cloud enterprise architects, and cloud infrastructure engineers may grow, especially in the absence of such experts under.

The smallest. Qualification: BE/ BTech/ BCA/ BSc and cloud computing

Average annual salary (entry level): 5-70 lakh rupees

Artificial intelligence experts help machines learn through applications so that they can operate independently. As businesses and companies hope to automate basic manual roles, the demand for artificial intelligence experts will increase.

The smallest. Qualification: Certifications, diplomas, BTech courses

Average annual salary (entry level): 6-80 lakh rupees

  • Logistics and supply chain management

Since the lockdown caused by Covid has forced a large number of people to rely on home delivery, the demand for supply chain management has increased, covering the entire range from procurement, storage, packaging, distribution and delivery of products to consumers.

The smallest. Qualification: Diploma or undergraduate degree

Average annual salary (entry level): 2.5-35 lakh rupees

digital marketing

The post-Covid e-commerce boom, the increase in digital penetration and the importance of online media mean that there is an increasing need for skilled people to digitally market brands.

The smallest. Qualification: Digital marketing course after graduation

Average annual salary (entry level): 3-50 lakh rupees

health care service

The Covid outbreak has led to a surge in demand for professionals, especially front-line employees, in the healthcare industry. This requirement for doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists and ward boys will continue for several years.

The smallest. Qualification: Different employees

Average annual salary (entry level): 3-40 lakh rupees

Full stack development

As enterprises go online, talents with knowledge of back-end and front-end software development (ie server and client software) are in great demand.

The smallest. Qualification: Computer Science Degree

Average annual salary (entry level): 4-60 lakh rupees


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