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How to Build A Person-Following Creepy Head for Halloween with a Raspberry Pi

Halloween is coming, and what better way to celebrate the season than by using machine learning and a Raspberry Pi to accomplish something spooky! This year I’ve built a mannequin head that uses person detection and a simple servo motor to detect when a person is walking by and turn the head to follow them. I’m using a simple styrofoam mannequin head with some coloured in eyes from the dollar store, but you’re welcome to dress it up to fit your house’s theme or use a completely different kind of head or object. As long as you can use a servo to rotate it, the result is the same.

This project won’t require any machine learning training, and is more or less plug and play just in time for the season. Here’s how to build it.

What You’ll Need For This Project 

How To Build A Person-Following Halloween Mannequin Head for Halloween 

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