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How to build a satellite-powered Raspberry Pi security camera for off-grid locations


A friend of mine recently took a rest in his hut to the north. He wanted to know if I had any technical advice that would allow him to observe things from a distance. The only challenge is that his cabin is relatively remote and there is no cell phone service or internet in the area. With this in mind, I want to design a solution that can use Raspberry Pi, some edge computing, and satellite connections to keep an eye on things.

For this project, I am using Group satellite constellation; This is a low-cost solution that provides satellite connections for IoT devices in remote areas. One solution is to use a high-bandwidth connection to transmit images from the camera in real time for offsite processing. The project performs on-site processing (edge ​​computing) instead of just sending the results. Let us keep the project running for a long time at a low of $5 per month. cost. Here is how to build a remote cabin monitoring and alarm system using Raspberry Pi, camera and Swarm evaluation kit.

What do you need for this project

How to build a remote cabin monitoring system with Raspberry Pi


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