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How to disable VBS and speed up Windows 11

Virtualization-based security, also known as VBS, allows Windows 11 to create a secure memory area isolated from unsafe code. Another built-in feature called Hypervisor Enforced Code Integrity (HVCI) uses the features of VBS to prevent unsigned or problematic drivers and software from entering memory. Together, VBS and HVCI add a layer of protection to limit the damage that malware can cause, even if it passes your antivirus software.

Unfortunately, the performance costs of VBS and HVCI are high, especially in gaming.In our testing, we found that the game Ran up to 5% These settings will slow down when turned on and off. Others saw a larger delta.Our colleagues at PC Gamer Down 25%, Although when Microsoft recommended no less than the 11th processor, they tested it with the 10th generation Intel CPU.

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