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How to enable HDR in Windows 11


Microsoft’s Windows 11 is a beautiful operating system on almost all PCs. However, if you have a monitor that can operate in high dynamic range (HDR) mode, you will get a brighter and more vivid experience-whether you are hanging out on the desktop, watching your favorite HDR movies, or immersed in Your favorite HDR game. Therefore, you need to make sure it is enabled.

If your monitor can display HDR, you need to make sure that it turns on immediately after you start Windows 11 so that you can experience the vivid wallpapers and visual design improvements of the operating system in the best light.

If you Upgrade to Windows 11 On an existing PC, Download the Windows 11 ISO For new installations, or buying a new laptop or desktop with it pre-installed, HDR settings may be enabled by default. This seemed to be the case when I first installed Windows 11 on my desktop using my LG C1 OLED TV. But when I restarted for the first time, I found that HDR was disabled for some reason, which made the image of Windows 11 darker and flatter.


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