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How to fail in an interview: 5 mistakes to avoid


For many people, finding a job is a protracted and mentally exhausted experience. Not everyone is lucky enough to succeed in the first attempt; there are many reasons why an application for a job may be rejected. The most important one is the failure of the interview.Here are five ways to fail job interview.

Live and let live
You have participated in the interview. There you know yourself.You want the interviewer to know everything about them companyBusiness, people, and roles. You do not know. You will never receive a response from them after the interview. The hired person has been studying for a week before the interview.

Mud rake
Your previous employer’s business model was flawed, and you have already told them. Your boss is a terrible manager. Your teammates will never support you and steal your credit. this is not your fault. You tell your interviewer about this. Your interviewer chooses to interpret it as disloyalty and lack of ownership, while saying goodbye to you.

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Spy who loves money
If the salary is not up to expectations, why do you waste time in the interview? So you discuss money and status from the beginning. The subsequent interviews seemed to go downhill. The interviewer sees himself as a buyer, hoping to sell and persuade the product before discussing the price.

Doctor don’t know
The interviewer will ask strange questions from your resume. It’s like an example of how you behave or deal with negative customers or team conflicts. Or about industry numbers. Or specific knowledge learned from the certification and education you claim. You fumble or make up a story. That doesn’t work.

You only listen twice
You hear the interviewer ask you about yourself. Then tell you to leave. You don’t remember the question asked in the middle. Why the interviewer will repeat each question after you have answered it. At the same time, the interviewer’s notes show-bad listeners, irrelevant answers.

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