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How to fix KMODE abnormal unhandled BSOD


In the latest installment of this continuous series, various Windows stop errors or error checking-also known as Blue screen of death For the “blue screen of death”-we have delved into the KMODE exception unhandled error. It requires an error code value of 0X0000001E (also written as 0X1E, removing leading zeros between X and larger numbers). This particular error is an all-encompassing thing.In fact, its Microsoft documentation page Observe that when this error occurs, it “indicates that the kernel-mode program generated an exception that the error handler did not catch.” Therefore, it represents a fallback error handler, which indicates that some unexpected and unplanned exception occurred. .

Windows kernel mode is where the operating system operates

No coincidence, my preferred reference for the internal structure of Windows is an MS Press book of the same name-in this case, Windows internal structure, part 1 (Mark Russinovich, David Solomon, and Alex Ionescu, 6th edition, 2015). Kernel mode was discussed early in this book, and I am summarizing the contents of pages 17 to 20.


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