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How to make money from Tiktok in Pakistan techypoints


Hello friends welcome to my blog site Hi everyone, this is Bilal, and today I brought another interesting and useful topic. Today I will tell you how to make money at home. Friends, as you know, I will bring you new ways to make money online every day. So, even today, I have proposed a great online money making theme for you, a theme where everyone can make money easily. So, let’s talk about our topic today. Friends, today I will tell you how to make money with Douyin. You may be surprised to hear how it is possible to make money from TikTok, but friends, now you can make money from TikTok, because TikTok has updated its application and added a new feature, through which you can make money. Watch the video on the sound.

TikTok Referral Program

According to the official TikTok website, these TikTok referral program terms (“Terms“) to form a binding legal agreement (“protocol“) between TikTok Inc. or one of its affiliates (these entities are collectively referred to as “Douyin“,”we“Or”we“) with you(“Participant“), and stipulates the terms and conditions for participants to participate in the TikTok referral program (“Referral plan“) available on applications owned or controlled by TikTok, including but not limited to the TikTok mobile application (“platform“), related websites, services, applications, products and content owned or controlled by us (collectively referred to as “service“). These terms are subject to, and should also include, Terms of Service with Privacy Policy, Because these terms may be modified from time to time according to the terms therein. TikTok is the sole operator of this referral program.

How to withdraw money from TikTok

If you want to exit the TikTok app after earning a certain amount, please follow the steps below

  • The minimum withdrawal amount must be 20 RS
  • Open your Douyin app
  • Now click on the TikTok reward option displayed in the upper left corner of the mobile screen.
  • Now you will see a mobile recharge option with an arrow “>”. Click this symbol.
  • Here you will see a red recharge option, click on this option
  • There are two options here = one is to write down the phone number you want to pay.

Now you can also withdraw money from tiktok through your jazz cash easy Paisa and bank account

The second selection operator with an arrow symbol.Click this symbol and select their phone network

• Jazz

• Norwegian Telecom

• Yufeng

• Guard

• Zong

  • Choose anyone you use.
  • Now you will see the top-up plan amount option, where you will select the amount plan to withdraw
  • After selecting this option, you will see a conformation option
  • Then click this option
  • Now your withdrawal amount will continue to be processed
  • Then after 2-3 days, your withdrawal amount will be converted to your jazz cash or easy paisa account.


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