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How to move the taskbar to the top in Windows 11


Although Windows has always placed its taskbar at the bottom of the screen by default, many users prefer to place it at the top or even on the left or right side. Windows 11 does not provide a menu option for moving the taskbar to any location, but with a simple registry adjustment (or two), you can place it at the top of the screen.

Please note that since Microsoft does not support this taskbar movement, there are some errors related to it. When you move the taskbar to the top, the Start menu moves up but aligns with the upper left corner, even if the taskbar icon remains centered. The system tray is in the upper right corner where it belongs, but if you click on the clock, speaker or notification, their pop-up menu will appear in the lower right corner. However, the search menu is still aligned to the center.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

If you want the icons on the taskbar to appear above the Start menu, you can choose to align them to the left at any time (see below for more details). If you can tolerate the strange position of the pop-up menu and want your taskbar to be at the top, follow the steps below.

How to move the taskbar to the top on Windows 11

1. Open registrationYou can get there by typing “regedit” or searching for “regedit” in the “Run” menu (Windows + R). If prompted for confirmation, please say yes.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)


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