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How to overclock your Raspberry Pi 4 powered by Windows 11


Windows 11 running on Raspberry Pi 4 Considering the specifications, this is a considerable achievement Raspberry Pi 4 It is far below the recommended requirements of Microsoft’s latest operating system. Running Windows on the Raspberry Pi is due to a dedicated developer community led by Amir Dahan, who creates new images and updates for the Raspberry Pi at an extremely fast pace.

At a stock speed of 1.5 GHz, Windows 11 It is a pleasant experience on Pi 4. Of course there are some stuttering and pauses, but we can alleviate these by using SSD as our boot drive. But what if we want to squeeze the last bit of performance from Windows 11? To do this, we need to overclock the Raspberry Pi 4, but not through the BIOS, but using Windows on the Raspberry control panel created by Dahan. This easy-to-use tool can automatically make many necessary adjustments to safely overclock the Raspberry Pi 4.


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