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How to recover deleted files from any drive in Linux

points failure and careless users using powerful utilities (such as dd and fdisk) may cause data loss in Linux. Not only that, sometimes cleaning up partitions or directories in spring can also cause accidental deletion of some useful files. If this happens, there is no reason to despair. Using the PhotoRec utility, you can easily recover all kinds of files, including documents, images, music, archives, etc.

PhotoRec is developed by CGSecurity and released under the GPL. It is distributed as a supporting utility for Testdisk and can be used to restore and restore partitions. You can use any of these tools to recover files, but each tool has the most suitable job. Testdisk is best for recovering lost partitions. Whether this is because you overwrite or delete the partition, or the partition becomes unreadable for any reason, Testdisk can help you recover the partition, or at least, recover data from it. However, if you only want to recover deleted files from partitions, hard drives, or even USB drives, you can use PhotoRec. Although originally designed to recover only image files (hence the name), PhotoRec can be used to recover files in almost any way.

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