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How to replace the start menu in Windows 11

Windows 11 has some interesting new features, but its user interface is polarized. If you are like me and want to try a new operating system, but don’t like its “Start” menu version, because it takes up more screen space.In the first preview version Windows 11, You can adjust the registry settings and return to the Windows 10 start menu, but Microsoft Killed that option With the first major update.

Fortunately, through third-party applications and possible registry adjustments, you can get a different style of Start menu that is closer to the look and feel of Windows 7 than Windows 10, and provides you with many options. There are a few different utilities, but I tested the two most popular ones: Open the shell (Formerly known as Classic Shell), a free and open source application, and Stardock’s Start10, Priced at $5, the appearance is more refined, more like Windows 10. Both work, although Start10 has a bug, its start button will not appear unless I make changes in the registry to restore the classic taskbar appearance (more on that later).

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