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How to stress test the CPU in Linux

The key matrix that determines the viability of a Linux distribution or the hardware on which it runs is system performance. Depending on your purpose, you can choose from a variety of specialized tools to monitor different components, such as CPU frequency, temperature, and memory utilization. However, if you like CLI, just like us, you will prefer to use S-TUI.

Using S-TUI (an acronym for Stress-Terminal UI), you can monitor CPU temperature, frequency, power, and utilization at the same time. The utility displays all information graphically and can even be used to export data as a CSV file. Even better, you can configure S-TUI to automatically start the script when the value of any component being monitored violates a defined threshold. When used in conjunction with stress, another command line utility, S-TUI, can also be used to stress test your system.

Install S-TUI

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