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How to turn the numeric keyboard into a macro keyboard, media player or mouse

To many people, the keypad (also known as the numeric keypad) appears to be a remnant organ on the main body of the keyboard.many The best gaming keyboard It is TKL (tenkeyless) which has no numeric keyboard at all. Many users with full-size keyboards rarely touch their keypads. To be fair, all the keys on the keypad can be used elsewhere, so unless you manually enter a large number of long numbers, the number row is fine.

But what if you could give your humble keypad a new use? With a few simple tricks, you can turn your small keyboard into a set of macro keys, and you can start your favorite programs or perform repetitive tasks at the push of a button. Or you can convert the keypad into a media playback key. You can even turn a small keyboard into a mouse. Below, we will show you three ways to convert the keypad in Windows 10 or 11: use SharpKeys to remap keys, use AutoHotkey to program macros, or use the Windows “Ease of Access” setting to enable mouse keys.

Use SharpKeys to remap the numeric keyboard

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