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How to use Raspberry Pi to practice and prevent SQL injection attacks

Ethical hackers are a branch of network security that involve deliberate attempts to access computers, networks, or data. Ethical hackers are well-trained experts who imitate the actions of malicious attackers within a legal scope. Organizations often hire ethical hackers to attack specific targets for which they want to test security. This is called penetration testing. The hacker will try to access the target, and then submit a report to the organization detailing their security vulnerabilities and, most importantly, how they fix these vulnerabilities.

Nowadays, we rely on technology to complete daily tasks, and more and more devices are enabling the Internet. Mobile phones, laptops, smart speakers, cars and even smart washing machines are all potential targets, so ethical hackers are becoming a very important profession. Ensuring that people understand the potential risks surrounding technology and how they reinforce their goals is also a key part of the cybersecurity world.

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