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Huawei installs Arm-based data server in Moscow

Huawei used its business investment in Moscow, Russia, to install an Arm-based server farm in the city. After experiencing a series of blows from the Sino-US trade war, Huawei sought diversified investments from the perspective of market and geostrategy.Now, Huawei’s Intelligent Computing System Department has Finish construction Its Moscow Arm server-the company says this is the first such facility in Russia. Huawei stated that “computing clusters will enable our partners and customers to test their software products and join the construction of a new open ecosystem” and help the company develop its own software on Russian soil.

The infrastructure is designed to address the needs of users who want to take advantage of supercomputing and open source software-which is one of the reasons why the new server is mainly focused on serving the academic and scientific communities in Moscow. These servers run on the company’s Taishan infrastructure, which uses the Kunpeng 920 processor developed by HiSilicon, the Huawei subsidiary responsible for custom design of the Arm SoC. Kunpeng 920 SoC adopts Armv8 design, can be expanded to 64 cores, the maximum operating frequency is 2.6 GHz-less than 180W TDP. There is also an eight-channel DDR4 -2933 memory controller in the Kunpeng 920 chip-it is indeed the latest and best when Huawei launched it.

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