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HyperX Pulsefire RGB mouse pad hands-on operation: perfect for larger desks

picture The best mechanical keyboard, A large mouse pad large enough to hold the keyboard may be expensive and an easily overlooked accessory, but it greatly increases the comfort during gaming or work. After all, the larger your mat, the less frequently you need to lift the mouse to reposition it. That, or you can use the mouse pad, let your desk wear your mouse feet. But when faced with the wear and tear of expensive peripheral equipment, many gamers instead choose a lifestyle that favors mouse pads and choose advanced options such as mouse pads. The best RGB mouse pad. Here you can get accessories such as HyperX Pulsefire Mat, which is a large rodent rug with two RGB modes, both gripping and making your wrist feel comfortable. But this model may be a bit too big for some tables.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

Pulsefire is not HyperX’s first foray into mouse pads or mouse pads, but it is the company’s first RGB mouse pad to offer HyperX XL size. Previously, if you wanted RGB, you could only use the most square Fury Ultra mouse pad, which was 14.15 x 11.79 inches (359.4 x 299.4 mm).

Although the square shape is not suitable for everyone, HyperX’s XL size mouse pad is not without its own requirements. At a size of 35.43 x 16.54 inches (900 x 420 mm), I couldn’t put this big boy on my 47.5 x 23.75 inches (1,206.5 x 603.25 mm) table without leaving something hanging over the edge. Yes, it is technically suitable, but it is too long and there is no room for my monitor stand. To be fair, this mouse pad is indeed marked XL on the box, but since it does not seem to have any other sizes to choose from, you need to make sure it fits your setup before considering it. Hope that HyperX will provide a smaller option to keep the same or similar size. Because I prefer a wider and more rectangular cushion.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

In other words, all the space provided by Pulsefire does mean that I will not feel cramped when working or playing games. Although my daily driver was already a 29.75 x 11.25 inch (755.65 x 285.75 mm) Pecham mouse pad before getting Pulsefire, I found that when using Pulsefire, I found myself lifting the mouse from the pad less frequently Much. In addition to being more ergonomically comfortable, this also makes it easier to aim the arm in a shooting game, allowing me to play with a lower sensitivity, making it easier to shoot with precision.

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