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Improved Windows 11 compatibility checker provides more useful information


Update on June 25: Microsoft has released an update to the Windows 11 PC Health Check application, which contains more detailed information about the computer may not be updated. These messages include missing TPM, secure boot is turned off, the system disk is too small, or the processor is not supported.

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techy’s hardware Full-time writer Michelle Ehrhardt brought her PC and Intel Core i7-6700K (not in the officially supported processor list) through the health check and was told that she must continue to use Windows 10.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

The original story is as follows:

According to reports, Microsoft plans to improve the upgrade tool used to check system compatibility Windows 11 Before the operating system is officially released. The tool has been widely criticized for reporting that the system is not compatible with Windows 11, but it did not explain the reason for the system incompatibility.


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