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Intel Alder Lake i5-12400 releases impressive benchmarks

We don’t get some new rumors or Benchmark Intel Alder Lake-this is no wonder.These processors are scheduled to be released sometime next month, bringing exciting upgrades, which will undoubtedly put them on the list Best CPU. This time it is the Intel Core i5-12400, which is a mid-range processor in the Intel Alder Lake product line, tested in three different benchmarks. The results did not quell the growing hype. In one of the tests, the CPU defeated AMD’s entire Ryzen 5000 series. These benchmarks are now measured in terms of healthy salt levels.

The substitute result is Share on Bilibili, A Chinese social media platform. The leaker covered most of the identifying information about the CPU name, leaving only the 12th generation Core i5 processor and the number “400” at the end. This makes it easy to guess that the CPU in question is probably Intel Core i5-12400.

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