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Intel ARC GPU can be shipped without cryptocurrency mining restrictions

recently Gadgets 360 interview, Intel’s senior vice president Raja Koduri and Intel’s graphics product team member Roger Chandler talked about the upcoming Arc GPU in early 2022. In the interview, Chandler talked about Intel’s position on cryptocurrency mining on its upcoming GPUs. Intel seems to be taking a non-intervention path, letting the market and buyers decide their purpose of using graphics cards.

In the interview, Chandler said: “[…] As for software lock-in and things of this nature, we currently do not design the product or build any features specifically for miners. In terms of the actions we take to avoid or lock them in, this is a product that will be sold in the market and people will be able to buy. This is not our priority. “This shows a position similar to AMD. AMD does not impose any restrictions on the workloads that users can perform on its graphics cards. This is different from the artificial product segmentation that Nvidia chose to do. Cryptocurrency mining processor (CMP) series of GPUs, at the same time introduced Computing power limit The company imposed restrictions on its LHR (Lite Hash Rate) GeForce products. Both of these methods have their own shortcomings, but it seems that Intel does not think it should monitor what workloads users access on their GPUs—depending on the performance and energy efficiency of Intel’s GPUs, it may irritate miners as they When they finally entered the market, they became interested in their ARC Alchemist product.

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