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Intel Arc’Alchemist’ discrete GPU supports DisplayPort 2.0: up to 16K displays

Just a few days after the official announcement Arc-branded independent gaming graphics processor As well as the name of the first-generation Xe-HPG (DG2) products, Intel has begun to reveal some basic technical details about these GPUs. It turns out that the new graphics chip will support DisplayPort 2.0 and ultra-high resolution displays with dark colors.

Intel this week Publish Some patches have laid the foundation for the “i915” kernel graphics driver to support DisplayPort 2.0, the report Fronix. Several patches specifically mentioned Display Port 2.0 UHBR [Ultra High Bit Rate] And 128b/132b channel encoding supports Intel’s DG2 series. A patch shows that the GPU will handle UHBR 20 mode that supports 80 Gbps raw bandwidth, which is a good indicator that at least some upcoming Arc’Alchemist’ GPUs will support DP 2.0 with UHBR 20.

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