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Intel Birch Stream-AP platform for Sierra Forest CPU with LGA 7529 socket

Intel’s next-generation Sierra Forest processor designed for the Birch Stream-AP (BHS-AP) platform is rumored to be launched at the end of 2023. Litang Technology On the website, we learned that Intel will allegedly use LGA 7529 CPU socket There are 7,529 pins to host the upcoming processor.

Intel’s Sapphire Rapids The processor launched early next year will use the LGA 4677 socket with 4,677 pins. Compare this to the huge number on the BHS-AP, and you might wonder what these extra pins are for.

(Image source: Litang Technology)

Inside the LGA socket, there are various types of pins: some power the processor, while others carry data. As processors use more advanced protocols, newer communication standards, and higher power, the number of pins will increase. Therefore, more pins are constantly needed. Therefore, the 7,529-pin socket of BHS-AP certainly means that there will be a lot of new features and/or power transmission.

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