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Intel Core i9-12900K launched overclocking DDR5-8000 RAM


Twitter user REHWK Shared an unpublished screenshot from Intel Core i9-12900K And some very fast DDR5 memory. 16-core hybrid chips will lead the 12th generation of chip manufacturers Alder Lake army Best CPU.

There is not much to see from the processor side. The CPU-Z screenshot seems to confirm that the Core i9-12900K is a 125W chip with 30MB of L3 cache. We have known these specifications for some time, but it is always good to get some confirmation.It is also obvious from the instruction set list Alder Lake lacks AVX-512 supportAlthough the Golden Cove kernel supports AVX-512, the Gracemont kernel does not. Therefore, Intel only disabled the AVX-512 instruction set in the Golden Cove kernel on Alder Lake to maintain unified ISA support.


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