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Intel discontinues production to overclock 28-core Xeon W CPU

Intel has Initiate The only “extreme” Xeon W processor end of life (EOL) program with 28 cores and unlocked multipliers. Initially to compete with AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper processor, Xeon W-3175X Provides a combination of high core count and overclocking capability.

“Market demand [Intel Xeon W-3175X] product […] Has moved to other Intel products,” Intel said in a statement, but the company did not disclose whether it intends to provide unlocked Xeon for extreme workstations in the short term. For conventional workstations that are not designed for CPU overclocking, Intel provides its Ice Lake- Based on SP 38-core Xeon W-3375 and 32-core Xeon W-3365 processors.

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