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Intel failed to revoke a US$2.18 billion patent infringement judgment


This week, a district judge in Waco, Texas rejected Intel’s request to overturn its $2.18 billion order to infringe on VLSI patents. Reuters Report.As early as March, Intel Ordered to pay nearly $2.2 billion to VLSI Damages for intellectual property rights originally developed by Freescale Semiconductor and SigmaTel. Intel denied that it had illegally used the IP and requested a new trial.

Earlier this year, a district judge in Waco, Texas awarded VLSI US$1.5 billion for one patent and US$675 million for another patent. The IP in question is’759 patent‘Describe frequency management (originally developed by SigmaTel) and ‘373 patents‘Related to the method of reducing the minimum operating voltage of the memory (originally submitted by Freescale).


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