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Intel Foundry Services Wins U.S. 18A Node Chip Defense Contract

The US Department of Defense has signed an agreement with Intel to provide commercial foundry services for the Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes-Commercial (RAMP-C) program.

Intel Foundry Services (IFS) is a new division of Intel that provides chip designers with the company’s chip manufacturing services. It will work with the Department of Defense to create an foundry ecosystem to produce leading “custom and integrated circuits and commercial products for the Department of Defense.” “System, the initial test chip is being manufactured Intel’s 18A nodeThe dollar value of this contract is currently unknown, but we have contacted Intel for details.

Intel will work with other industry giants such as IBM, Cadence and Synopsys to develop semiconductor IP systems that support the design and manufacture of chips. The first test chips will use Intel’s 18A process, which Intel calls the most advanced node. However, Intel’s 18A will Becoming the company’s second-generation Angrstrom-level process node, and will not be available until early 2025, indicating that this is a long-term contract. Intel will not release the first-generation Angstrom-class chip 20A until 2024.

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