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Intel hires top AMD GPU architects to lead Xe development


After completely changing its GPU approach and hiring Raja Koduri in 2017, Intel has been quite active in recruiting GPU engineers from various companies, especially AMD, Raja Koduri’s former company. Last month, the company poached Vineet Goel, AMD’s graphics technology veteran.

(Image source: Future)

At Intel, Vineet Goel will serve as vice president and general manager of Intel’s Xe GPU architecture and IP engineering, and will be responsible for the development of the company’s Xe architecture.Intel spokesperson confirmed CRN Goel will lead a team of architects and engineers who will “architect, design and verify Intel’s Xe IP roadmap.” Since the first two or three generations of Xe architecture have been defined (or at least named), Goel will have an impact on Intel Xe GPUs in the next few years.


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