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Intel Ice Lake Xeon W challenges AMD Threadripper with 38 cores


Intel recently launched The third-generation Xeon is scalable The CPU used in the data center means that the Xeon W lineup for workstations should not be too far behind.Technology provider Comparison source Several Intel’s upcoming Ice Lake Xeon W 10nm chips have been put on its online store, indicating that they will soon compete with AMD Ryzen Threadripper chips.

According to alleged Leaked PowerPoint slides, Shared via Twitter in April, Intel’s Xeon W-3300 series is expected to be equipped with as many as 38 Sunny Cove CPU coreHowever, we know that the Ice Lake architecture can support up to 40 cores, as seen in the third-generation Xeon Scalable processors. We suspect that this chip manufacturer wants to avoid product cannibalization.

Intel Ice Lake Xeon W specifications

processor price Core/thread Boost clock (GHz) Cache (MB) Part Number
Thread Ripper Pro 3995WX USD 5,489.99 64/128 4.2 256 100-100000087WOF
Xeon W-3375* USD 6,196.32 38/76 4.0 57 CD8068904691401
Thread Ripper Pro 3975WX USD 2,749.99 32/64 4.2 128 100-100000086WOF
Xeon W-3365* USD 5,295.97 ? 4.0 48 CD8068904691303
Thread Ripper Pro 3955WX USD 1,148.99 16/32 4.3 64 100-100000167WOF
Xeon W-3345* USD 2,930.00 ? 4.0 36 CD8068904691101
Xeon W-3335* 1,465.58 USD ? 4.0 twenty four CD8068904708401
Xeon W-3323* 1,071.45 USD ? 4.0 twenty one CD8068904708502


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