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Intel ironically deletes Cannon Lake graphics driver that it doesn’t need anyway


And according to the change list of the Linux kernel, Ironically, Intel is removing support Cannon Lake graphics driver for the upcoming Linux kernel version 5.15.These chips are famously shipped no The integrated graphics engine is active, which means that a graphics driver is not even required.Interestingly, the chip Have done It has an integrated 10th-generation graphics engine, but Intel has disabled graphics, which indicates that there is a yield problem with its 10-nanometer process, but it is not fully disclosed. In fact, Intel also restricts these chips to the Chinese region to keep it away from Western audiences. What followed was a long list of further 10nm delays, which gave its competitor AMD a huge advantage, while Intel has not fully recovered from the impact.

In addition to the DG2 activation code, the biggest news may be the cancellation of support for Intel Cannon Lake graphics. In the upcoming Linux kernel version 5.15, the i915 GFX driver will no longer support Cannon Lake graphics. This means that Intel considers Cannon Lake’s graphics driver as a bloated complement to the i915 GFX driver, and therefore deleted it. The driver is not important anyway-the graphics engine has never worked.


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