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Intel is negotiating to acquire GlobalFoundries for $30 billion: report

According to a report Wall Street Journal According to people familiar with the matter, Intel is negotiating to acquire GlobalFoundries for approximately US$30 billion. Intel has not confirmed the report, but if the report is true, the plan will block GlobalFoundries’ widely reported IPO plan later this year. We contacted Intel about the report, and the company responded that it does not comment on rumors and speculation.

The news comes after a recent report that Intel is working with Acquired SiFive, a RISC-V chip designer, for US$2 billion Because it went through Major restructuring efforts In the new Pat Gilsinger.

While Intel’s acquisition plan was rumored, it lobbied the US government to provide subsidies to increase its manufacturing capabilities, especially to help fund its manufacturing capabilities. IDM 2.0 The plan will produce chips for other companies through the newly established Intel Foundry Service (IFS). Intel has pledged its own funds of US$20 billion to start the program at two wafer fabs in Arizona.

The acquisition of GlobalFoundries will immediately inject a boost into the plan, especially because it will bring an experienced leadership team and an already healthy third-party foundry business. The production capacity of GlobalFoundries’ trailing edge node is the largest promoter of most third-party fabs, and it is also in line with Intel’s plan to start providing manufacturing services to other parties.

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