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Intel launches Xeon W-3300 Ice Lake CPU with up to 38 cores for workstation users

Today, Intel introduced the Xeon W-3300 series workstation processors to complete the chip manufacturer’s Ice Lake product lineup. Xeon W-3300 will provide up to 38 Sunny Cove cores of 270W and support up to 4TB of memory.

The arrival of the Xeon W-3300 series replaces the existing Xeon W-3200 (Cascade Lake) lineup. Compared with Cascade Lake, Ice Lake provides a significant IPC improvement of up to 19%. In addition to utilizing the new micro-architecture, the Xeon W-3300 chip also provides more cores and more and faster PCIe channels. The Ice Lake-based processors use Intel’s first-generation 10-nanometer process node, so the clock speed is not as impressive as we hoped. The single-core boost clock speed reaches its peak at 4 GHz. In addition, pushing for more cores also increased TDP to 270W instead of Cascade Lake’s 255W.

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